Jamaican Sorrel Drink
Jamaican Sorrel Drink
Jamaican Sorrel Drink
Jamaican Sorrel Drink

Jamaican Sorrel Drink

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"Last Day to Order December 15th, 2023"

Hope my products will make your holiday to come a happy one. Thanks so much for all your continued support, over the years, if you are new here Welcome!

This year Sorrel is BACK AGAIN! One of the best parts of Christmas is drinking massive amounts of Sorrel. Rich, sweet sorrel that's full of ginger. The perfect accompaniment to your Christmas ham and cake. It is extremely rich, dark, and thick (Just look at the images). The sorrel pods and ginger are steeped for several hours, then all the juice is extracted before mixing. Contains just a hint of Tonic wine. 

750 ml bottle 

Delivery Day THURSDAY, December 21ST, 2023

No additional delivery fees for locations  Mandeville, Mayen, old harbor, Spanish Town and Kingston. All other locations Doorway Express $2000 DELIVERY fee

Collection locations

Kingston: Devon house TIME (TBD)

Mandeville: Manchester shopping center  TIME (TBD)

May Pen: Tigermarket TIME (TBD)

OLD Harbour (TBD)

Spanish Town (TBD)

NB: Does not Contain Allspice, Contains minimal Alcohol (Tonic Wine)



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Cost: $2000 for a 750ml bottle.

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All ham, cake, and sorrel sales go Directly to the New Green Church of God of Prophecy Sacrificial Offering fund. It's a year-long fundraising event. 100% of the money in sales goes to the church.