Services Offered

As a food photographer and stylist, you can hire me to create images, video content and recipes using your products to promote your brand on all forms of media. 
COOK           SHOOT        EDIT       DELIVER
Services Include:
  • Recipe creation- Creation of a unique recipe to help your customers see first hand how to use your product to create a delicious meal.
  • Stock food photography- Purchase rights to use any of the existing images on my blog database.
  • Food Photography- In-house creation of images using your products.
  • Food Videography- Filming and editing of an instructional and or educational video to showcase your products being used to create either a recipe provided or a new recipe.
  • Food styling-  available for on-set food styling upon request. (no photography)
If you are interested in working together on a creative project, please feel free to email me at we can discuss your ideas and create a custom package to fit your needs. See below for a few examples of my work.
Food Photography, videography and recipe creation for Cb food group, see links below:
Breakfast tacos
Corned pork and eggs breakfast muffins
Chub ham and pimento penne
Corned pork and butter beans
Jerk sausage seasoned rice
NB. Opening image: Breakfast burger for Bonafide Burgers
Food Photography Bad Dawg sausages
On-site Food Styling for new website design for Tijule, see link below:
New Website 
On-Site food styling for JAMPRO Taste of Jamaica Magazine
Food Photography and recipe creation for Reggae Jammin