Who is the Greedy Girl?

Hello- I’m Chantay, aka The Greedy Girl, the writer, recipe creator and photographer for all things Greedy Girl Cooks.

I am Jamaican Born and raised. I studied in New York for several years obtaining a bachelors degree in architecture, and masters degree in both environmental technology and urban design. I’m a self-taught cook, been in the kitchen under my mother’s shadow since I was 13. Cooking has always been a hobby and I’ve always been the one to try new and different things to traditional recipes.

Greedy Girl Cooks began in 2013, as a way for me to easily share recipes with my friends and family. It has since then transformed into a virtual recipe book with over 400 recipes that people from around the world have been using to cook delicious meals for their families.

What started as a hobby to document the recipes I cook for my family has become an integral part of my life. The experience has expanded my offerings to include recipe development, food photography and food styling for companies in the food industry.

Feel free to shop, drop a line on social media or check out the blog to find your new favorite recipe. Thank you so much for reading!